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Granny Flat Agreement Wa

The elderly family, their partner or a trust or company controlled by them must not own the property that relates to the interest of a flat grandmother. In Western Australia, a person who rents a grandmother`s apartment could be a tenant under the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 or a tenant, which means that the common law will apply. Exclusive ownership means the right to exclude from the premises any person, including the owner. A person may be a tenant, even if the right to exclusive ownership only on a part of the premises, such as a bedroom or part of the grandmother`s apartment of a house. An example of exclusive ownership is that the landlord can enter the tenant`s space only in very limited circumstances, for example. B to carry out an inspection or repairs, and must terminate the contract before entry. If none of these services has a separate sub-counter, the Housing Leasing Act requires that the tenant`s share of total consumption costs be calculated be agreed in writing. In addition, the lessor must submit to the tenant, within 30 days of receiving an invoice from the utility company, a written notification regarding the supply tax calculated in the agreed manner. If the grandmother`s apartment has a separate sub-counter for the distribution company, a copy of the account must be made available to the tenant, which determines the tenant`s consumption on the basis of under-reports and consumption costs.

This information must be made available to the tenant within 30 days of receiving an invoice from the landlord by the utility. Typically, it is a family agreement in which an elderly family member, usually a parent, enjoys, in exchange for an asset, a flat interest from a grandmother at a parent`s home for the exclusive occupation of elderly family members. Some of Grandma`s apartments will not have separate accounts for utilities such as water, gas and electricity. If this is the case, the Housing Rent Act has specific rules for a tenant`s payment of a tenant for the consumption of a public service. The interest created under the agreement is either a life rental interest or an interest in life. The apartment allows the elderly family member to reside in the accommodation. The interests of life grant the elderly family member a right to the use and use of the property at his convenience. Interest should not give the elderly member of the family the legal title of the property. In the case of Grandma`s apartments, it is important to remember that you probably live very close to the tenant/owner and share some common areas, such as backyards, accesses and maybe even the kitchen room.

A tenant or landlord has to pay attention because you can`t terminate a tenancy agreement just because you don`t like the person or because you haven`t had a disagreement with them. Grandma`s apartments do not require a subdivision of a property, but inform you with your local authority about the requirements of their laws. Permission is also required by water corporation.

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