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Mutual Recognition Agreement Marine Equipment

NOTE that mutual recognition of certificates of compliance on the basis of the equivalence of EC and US marine equipment rules is an important means of improving market access between contracting parties; The certificate to be attached to the product must include the product number in Schedule A1 of the Swedish Maritime Administration regulations and the general guidelines for marine equipment. B, for example “A.1/4.1” for magnetic compasses. When it was agreed in the Joint Committee that equivalence could not be maintained, references to applicable products and technical rules, for which equivalence cannot be maintained, were removed from Schedule II. The Joint Committee updates Schedule II with a decision to reflect these amendments. After the termination of mutual recognition, the parties are no longer required to comply with the obligations set out in Article 3 of this agreement for the product concerned. However, the importing party continues to recognize certificates of compliance previously issued for products placed on the market prior to the termination of mutual recognition, unless a regulatory authority of the contracting party decides otherwise on the basis of health, safety or environmental considerations or does not meet other requirements under this agreement. If the parties fail to reach an agreement in the Joint Committee on maintaining the equivalence of their technical rules in relation to a Schedule II product, mutual recognition of that product is suspended in accordance with Article 15. NOTE that the agreement on technical barriers to trade, an agreement attached to the agreement establishing the World Trade Organization (WTO), in which WTO members are invited to negotiate the conclusion of agreements of mutual recognition of the results of the procedures for assessing the compliance of the other and to take into account the acceptance of the technical rules of other members as equivalent, If they are satisfied that these regulations meet the objectives of their own rules, the products covered by this agreement are published on the MarED website (MarEd: the group of entities designated for the implementation of marine equipment). 1. Where there is no written agreement between the parties, the obligations contained in the mutual recognition agreements have no force and effect vis-à-vis the other party with respect to the acceptance of the results of the compliance assessment procedures by the third party by a party that is not a party to this agreement (one third party).

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