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Oregon Housing Authority Rental Agreement

If you are a landlord with tenants whose livelihoods are significantly affected and you are financially able to defer your rent and waive late fees for a specified period, we offer a free landlord and tenant contract on the Oregon Rental Housing Association (Forms Store) website: Lead-based colour – Only applies to all dwellings built before 1978. The owner and manager are required to issue this disclosure form to all members of the lease. Oregon leases exist between a landlord who agrees to rent residential or commercial real estate to a tenant willing to pay monthly rent. The contract must be written in accordance with state laws (title 10, chapter 90 (tenants and tenants). If the landlord and tenant sign the contract, it becomes mandatory for each party. Any termination, delay and expulsion must be dealt with by the Oregon Circuit Court. Supply and service charges – When a fee is charged to the landlord or other tenants, the tenant must be required to be included in the contract. Room Rental (Colocs) Convention – For the rental of bedrooms among members of a dwelling unit who share common areas such as living room, balconies, courtyard, warehouse, etc. This form describes each roommate`s tasks/tasks in addition to the amount they must pay for their bedroom and the amount of services and incidental costs. The Oregon Rental Housing Association is a national organization of people working in the rental sector and working together at: Standard Residential Lease Agreement – Most common type of rental contract with an exact beginning and end date. For most homes and is usually a (1) year. Stay up-to-date on the latest rental laws, new forms, current Q-A and more by reading our Oregon Rental Housing Association News newsletter.

Subletting contract – the action of a tenant looking for another person to occupy the space he has in agreement with a landlord. The law known as “sublease” must normally be approved by the owner. Commercial leasing contract – Generally for a company that occupies retail, office or industrial spaces. Enter your local discount code and click “Apply code” to purchase ORHA forms at the member`s price. ORHA forms are $2.99 for PAROA members and $6.99 for non-members. Monthly month lease (No. 91.070) – Known as the “Lease-to-Will” contract, which has a date and can be terminated with a period of thirty (30) days by the landlord or tenant. Return (about 90,300) – The landlord has thirty-one (31) days to return the money related to the deposit to the tenant. (NOT AVAILABLE DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC) Form 4: notification of 72 hours of payment or vacate for non-payment of the rental form 44: 144-message of 144 hours to pay or pay for non-payment of rent . Smoke Policy (No.

90.220) – The landlord should be aware of all tenants of the smoking rules on the site by publishing a policy manual on smoking policies (Adobe PDF – MS Word). Landlords and tenants must be initial and sign. On April 1, the governor adopted Executive Order 20-13 and declared a moratorium on all “no cause” and “landlord-cause” evictions and evictions for non-payment of rent. OP 20-13 expires at the end of June. On Friday, June 26, the Oregon Legislature HB 4213 adopted the moratorium on evictions until September 30, 2020. Termination tenancy letter (No. 91.070) – Official release of termination of a monthly rent by the landlord/tenant who serves the other party with a period of at least thirty (30) days. With this method, you do not give up the application of tenant payments – ORS 90.220, which requires landlords to receive every money from the tenant to pay last month`s rent, then current monthly rent due, etc. Thanks to Eugene`s lawyer Brian Cox for his generosity in creating this form for our use.

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