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Unw Local 11 Collective Agreement

City officials say that a possible plan to allocate certain works is being discussed in accordance with the provisions of the old collective agreement and that only one option is being considered. The territory government and UNW, which represents some 4,000 government employees, are at a standstill in negotiations for a new collective agreement. The union has been without agreement since 2016. The union called on the city “to be prepared to resolve this issue by mutual agreement through collective bargaining, so that members do not have to take it to the next level.” “At a general meeting on October 2, the bargaining team received overwhelming support,” the union wrote. “Members said that language needs to be strengthened in the collective agreement on the practice of contracting, and the time has come. At the territorial level, the union is now waiting to find out who will form the firm that will lead the next collective bargaining process. The message came when the city and the union are working on a new collective agreement. The old one expired at the end of 2018. The city said it had asked the union for the plan to comply with the existing collective agreement, said the option would simply be “considered” and stressed that “no reduction in the personnel of the waste disposal plant is envisaged by the city as part of this potential option.” The NWT government`s collective agreement is now less than 18 months away from expiry, although negotiations have lasted more than three years and were signed less than six months ago. “At midnight on Monday, February 11, we will begin a general and total strike in all our communities if we do not succeed in our efforts to reach an interim agreement.

The territory government and the union bargaining team will meet with mediator Vince Ready on 8 and 9 February to reach a new agreement. Fully: Union President Todd Parsons, union president Todd Parsons said the city was not acting in good faith by “informing UNW of its intentions in the middle of the collective bargaining process.” “We look forward to a round of constructive negotiations to reach a renewed collective agreement,” the City wrote. In the absence of agreement between the union and the government, non-essential employees must prepare for Monday`s deadline, leaving all laptops, mobile phones, credit cards, keys and fobs at their offices until the end of their final shifts before the deadline.

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