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What Is A Coalition Agreement

The coalition will put in place safeguards between the Ministry of Social Affairs and the relevant trade unions in the event of a strike. The plan to reunite refugee families was one of the most controversial coalition issues, which is a coalition agreement, is a matter of giving and making and a compromise between the different views of the party. In the House of Representatives, cabinet highlights the agreement with the government`s statement of principle. Franziska Giffey`s rise from the reigning mayor of the Neukiln district to the minister of the cabinet was perhaps one of the most striking appointments. Giffey bypassed the Bundestag to enter government. But SPD leaders believed that their experience as the leader of the often so-called “worried” district of Berlin made her the most suitable candidate for the role. Negotiations are under way with the Icelandic government for a new trade agreement between the countries. Refugees/Family Reunification: the previous government (also a grand COALITION CDU-SPD) had suspended the right of refugees with “limited protection status” to transfer their families. The new coalition agreement says it will be limited to 1,000 people per month. In addition, the number of asylum seekers accepted should be limited to 180,000 to 220,000 per year.

Defence and development: the coalition agreement is vague on this point and commits to spend an additional 2 billion euros ($2.46 billion) on “international responsibility” and medium-term plans for investments of about 9 billion euros more, but the issue remains controversial between the parties. Any investment in development will be linked to increased defence spending. Green energy production needs to be significantly accelerated. To achieve this goal, the coalition will work to strengthen competition in energy production and distribution. The SPD is about to vote on whether to negotiate another “grand coalition” with Angela Merkel`s conservatives. If the party says “no,” the chancellor`s options could become scarce. (21.01.2018) Angela Merkel, a CDU politician, is the Federal Chancellor.

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