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Sign Severance Agreement

Companies often insert a paragraph in the severance agreement prohibiting the outgoing employee from posting “derogatory” comments or statements about the company or passing them on to a natural or legal person. And this provision may include a definition of “disparaging” such as this: “Derogatory remarks, comments or statements are those that have a say in character, honesty, integrity, morality, business acumen, or skills related to any aspect of the work of the individual or person who is denigrated.” Such a broad obligation could be easily broken, especially if the worker is trying to explain to a new employer why he left the last employer, so that some restrictions here may be appropriate. Ask your employer to make suggested dispersal and non-disappearance clauses. There is nothing that clearly shows how restrictive or painful a contractual provision is, as if it were returned to the guy who asks you to sign it. A starting offer is a contract usually developed by the employer`s lawyers or the staff team to reduce its financial and legal risk. This is a big mistake that many employees make. We are not saying that an employee automatically hires a lawyer to read and explain a termination agreement. If an employee does not feel that he or she has been the victim of illegal employer behaviour or if the terms of the severance pay are relatively reduced, the comparative costs of hiring a lawyer may not be worth it. It is sometimes desirable for the company and the dismissed employee to enter into a transitional advisory relationship after the termination of the employment relationship. The company may use the employee`s expertise and institutional memory, while the employee may be able to generate additional revenue. Among the most important conditions of these transitional agreements are: do you still have questions about severance agreements? Do you need help applying this information to your own case? Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific situation. Companies sometimes offer the services of an outplacement company free of charge.

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