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50 Shades Of Grey Non Disclosure Agreement

Ana`s innocence is the key to Grey`s control over her. She graduated from college, but never had a friend or was not together at all, she gets drunk for the first time to celebrate her graduation, and she is unfamiliar with most of the conditions and sexual acts in Grey`s contract. Ana`s roommate, Kate, is described as much more experienced and secular than Ana. Grey says a conversation with Kate about him, even without giving a name, would be a violation of the confidentiality agreement. He tells Ana that she can ask him anything about the sexual acts and bondage procedures mentioned in the contract. But is it a reliable source of information? Social pressure and relative power between partners can make the issue of consent a bit gray in any sexual relationship. Anastasia Steele`s ability to say “no” to Christian Grey is open to interpretation. But the fact that this conversation is taking place, about this book and this movie, is a step forward. This makes the definition of consent in a BDSM situation particularly unclear, as what harms a person is open to interpretation. Enough! That`s all I can take.

If I were Mrs. Steele, I would applaud Mr. Grey in iron and energetically give him a taste of his own medicine for his contractual sins. In anastasia Steele`s case, it`s not so much that we don`t believe her, but that she has already agreed to take legal action if she tells someone. In her article “Bill Cosby: Are We Getting It All Wrong on Sexual Assault,” Deborah King points out that “many women and children are attacked by men who have more power and influence than they do, either in society or in their interpersonal dynamics.

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