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Canadian Inter-Company Arbitration Agreement Signatories

As a condition precedent of arbitration, senior claims regulators with at least the status of supervisors of the companies concerned must make serious efforts to resolve controversies through direct negotiations. Files sent to arbitration are returned if it is not mentioned who, when and what was the result of the prior arbitration. The persons preceding the arbitration and the arbitration should not be the same person. Cases must be made according to the chapter of the province where the accident or other insured event occurred, unless there is an agreement that it has been agreed otherwise. The filing fee as a candidate company is 200 $US. The defendant`s costs amount to $US 200 as long as there is a counter-right. This agreement applies only to insurers and to each other, who demonstrate their compliance by filing a form with the Chair of the National Arbitration Committee as provided below: more recently, Justice Rideout has been particularly interested in the application of the agreement in Conrad McIntrye Garage v. Savoie.8 At paragraph 16, it notes that the Canadian Inter-Company Arbitration Agreement (“the Agreement”) has taken an initiative to streamline disputes between `insurance which are signatories to the agreement. All insurance companies that have signed the agreement are therefore required to comply with the obligations set out therein. The process promotes an efficient and cost-effective solution to these requirements.

Before considering an action for termination of debt, an insurer must first determine whether it is subject to the Canadian inter-company arbitration agreement and then determine whether the third-party insurer is subject to the same agreement. This procedure also applies to counter-claims. The ICAS should make it clear that it will be brought as a counter-appeal and the original arbitration to which it relates must be identified. Therefore, I think the courts should keep the parties to their agreement. As the authorities have said, all parties benefit if disputes are settled quickly and efficiently, the signatories to the agreement have agreed that arbitration is what they want when there is a dispute as it now stands before the tribunal composed of an arbitration panel composed of a chair and two other members. If the amount of the dispute is less than $1000, the president may act as sole arbitrator. Panel members are selected on the basis of their experience and qualifications and serve without remuneration. Panelists cannot settle cases in which their own companies are directly or indirectly involved. The President is responsible for informing the claims managers of the companies concerned in the absence of prior arbitration, as this is a prerequisite for arbitration. . . .

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