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Class Essential Agreements

Essential agreements are not rules and directions, but essential agreements determine what common norms and expectations are. It is a collaborative action of everyone involved in this classroom or team to sketch out in which environment everyone can learn and do their best. This is one of the best I`ve read so far about discussing and creating essential agreements. Teachers and students are sometimes so “used to” creating them, but have not understood the reason why they did it. The best thing would be to make the class understand the value. It`s a good contribution! What I noticed is that despite the title, many class agreements are still rule lists. While some teachers no longer use the term “rules” in their classrooms, others still use it because they may be thinking about what their classroom would look like without rules. They don`t want to have a chaotic class, so they prefer to use “rules” rather than “chords.” The beginning of the school year has always been exciting, not only for the students, but also for the teachers. As teachers, we would never know which child we will be dealing with all year round.

It is therefore important to conclude an essential agreement at the beginning of the academic year, because we want to establish a quality and favorable class. The word shows the keywords from the students` initial list, which helps them learn. We believe it is important to have an essential agreement based on creating a learning environment and not on rules and rules. We wanted our children to understand that while there may be certain behaviors to watch out for in the pool or art classes, the expectation of how they treated their teachers (and how their teachers treated them) was the same throughout the school. I really like that the focus is not on the rules, but on an essential agreement that reflects the collective values and behaviors that classes want to have, such as their learning environment. I highly recommend @whatedsaid 10 tips for establishing an essential agreement as a good place to stimulate reflection. Do a quick Google image search for “class rules” and “classroom chords” (or “essential chords,” as they`re called in the PYP) and see if you`re a little surprised. pyp essential agreements, restorative conversations, restorative practices We then thought about what our classroom should be, and the children left together to chat.

The next day, we asked, “What are the most important things for you?” Today, Jocelyn and I have developed our class goals. .

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