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Collective Agreement Ppta

The working and employment conditions for which ATPP members have fought are defined in our collective agreements. As a support organization for Secondary Principals, SPANZ has constantly reacted to legislative and systemic changes in order to offer the best to its members. The creation of the SPANZ Union in 2008 is just one example and was a direct response to the request of the Labour Relations Act to limit collective bargaining to registered trade unions. The conditions of employment contracts must be respected when they are active. Agreements on this side have expired and are no longer active. Your collective agreement guarantees your remuneration and conditions. If you have difficulty accessing the necessary collective agreement, send an e-mail: below you will find a list of expired collective agreements for school heads, teachers and non-teachers. Votes in favour of ratifying the agreement were 65%, a difference from their primary colleagues, who had voted “resoundingly” in favour of the agreement earlier this week. Union members voted separately on the tripartite agreement and their set of comparisons – a share of the $1.47 billion supply in the primary and secondary sectors over four years. Engage with the New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA) on issues relating to the working relationship between secondary school principals and the Board of Directors. It follows on from territorial and primary school teachers who also voted in favour of accepting the salary offer, but school heads chose to refuse it.

Kaiarahi i te Reo, Collective Agreement for Therapists, ATSSD and Special Educators 2017-2019 [PDF, 238 KB] The benefits of spanz union membership are to have a voice in the collective bargaining of secondary school principals and to receive industrial support regarding your working conditions. . The principles that were not members of the PPTA therefore had no voice at the bargaining table and sent the executive at the 2007 General Assembly a strong message to “advance the process of registration as a union”. Negotiations with the Ministry of Education regarding the collective agreement for secondary school principals. To access the forms related to your salary, visit the website of the newsletter written for the SPANZ 2017 conference by Peter Gall (Principal, Papatoetoe High School 1996-2006) and member of the SPANZ Executive 2005-2012 It was an important undertaking of all parties and I would like to acknowledge the hard work done by both the ministry`s advisors and the PPTA and SPANZ bargaining teams. “I look forward to continuing our work with the teaching profession to advance the educational agenda,” he said. This decision was recorded with the vitriol of the PPTA, with the ministry and the NZSTA being very interested, if not a few anxious spectators in the process. Instead of being a divided stage for principles, which was the line advanced by opponents, SPANZ leaders then saw development as a positive opportunity to strengthen the voice of all secondary principles.

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