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Icc Headquarters Agreement

It consists of three functional areas that correspond to the three main activities of the Office. The Investigation Division (ID) consists of a group of lawyers, investigators and analysts working as a team for each specific investigation. The Prosecutor`s Office (PD), together with trial and appeal lawyers, presents cases before the judges. The Division for Jurisdiction, Complementarity and Cooperation (JCCD) comprises analysts, international cooperation experts and lawyers who advise the prosecutor on jurisdiction and admissibility, which are essential conditions for conducting investigations and prosecutions. Without its own police and other authorities on which it could rely, the Office must establish networks of international cooperation. It is the responsibility of the JCCD to ensure that the necessary agreements and arrangements are concluded in order to ensure full cooperation between States and international organizations and to maintain dialogue with TP stakeholders, including civil society. These operational areas are supported by the Legal Advisory Section (LAS) and the Public Information Unit (ERAP) and receive technical services from the Language Unit (LA), the Information and Evidence Unit (IEU) and the Knowledge Base Unit (KBU). .

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