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International Agreement That Controls The Export Of Encryption Technologies

Therefore, the U.S. encryption regulation is a useful place to launch a study of the overall framework for encryption regulation. The United States does not place restrictions on the domestic use, creation or sale of encryption products in the national territory. A report by the Swedish Cabinet Office (Regeringskansliet), Cryptography Policy: Possible Courses of Action for Sweden (in pdf) (mjliga svenska handlingslinjerin Swedish), of October 1997, laid the groundwork for discussion of a national crypto policy. It was estimated that the import of crypto would remain free and that export controls were maintained. 3. Developments in cryptography The encryption directive is not published, although the Ministry of Information and Communications indicated in 1994 that a directive defining acceptable public, private, public and telephone uses of approved encryption services and algorithms would be published. Studies conducted with the Ministry indicate that it has no specific draft legislation. . . .

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