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Joint Exercise Of Powers Agreement

(3) (A) The tax for the implementation of the plan may be levied in the same manner, by the same persons and at the same time as the taxes on corporations of value of the county, at the option of the Agency for Common Powers. In that case, the district auditor may deduct from the amount collected in accordance with this paragraph the amount necessary to reimburse the Landkreis for the actual collection costs. (d) the payment of other sums due by the Agency or the body from funds of the Agency, the undertaking or part thereof, solely on the basis of guarantees provided by the public official designated by the agreement, who performs the functions of auditor or responsible. (ii) a Los Angeles county of the supervisor district that is wholly or partly within the territory of the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments where the county is a party to the joint power agreement. Notwithstanding other Acts, an authority established under this Chapter may acquire or acquire by sale, assignment, pledge or other transfer of a local agency, and each local agency may sell certain rights, title and shares of that local agency in an evaluation contract approved in accordance with Chapter 29 (from section 5898.10) of Part 3 of Division 7; assign, mortgage or transfer to a common authority. the Highway Traffic Act, including all rights of pledge, rights, subsidies or other rights and claims relating thereto, as well as their application and recovery, in accordance with the conditions agreed between the common authority and the local authority. (b) An agency that finances or refinances transit equipment or transfers federal tax benefits in respect of transit equipment under subdivision (a) may provide in the agreement for the purchase or lease of transit equipment: (2) Such a non-profit entity existing legislation on joint ventures or sale, transfer, leasing, exchange, option, transfer or other disposals of assets. (c) under this Agreement, hospitals without participating organisations and public bodies participating in a common authority agreement in accordance with Subsection (a) may not, under this Agreement, reduce or eliminate emergency services after the establishment of common authorities without public consultation of the Authority. The Common Powers Authority shall publicly inform the municipalities designated by the Authority of the hearing at least fourteen days before the hearing, and the contract notice shall contain a description of the proposed reductions or amendments. . . .

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