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Technical Inspection Collective Agreement

Conciliation procedures are the examination of a collective dispute for the purpose of its settlement by the conciliation commission, mediation and/or in the context of labour arbitration. A training contract is concluded for the period necessary for the acquisition of the profession, specialty and qualification. If the worker refuses to continue working under another scheme, a contract of employment shall be terminated in accordance with Article 81(2) of this Code. In this case, the employer must provide the worker with the necessary guarantees and compensation. The reciprocal obligations of the workers and the employer may be included in the collective agreement on the following matters: D4.03 By mutual agreement, the parties may call upon an ombudsman to settle a complaint of sexual harassment. The selection of the Ombudsman shall be made by mutual agreement. The collective dispute is managed by the conciliation commission within five working days from the date of adoption of the ordinance of its creation. The period indicated may be extended by mutual agreement between the Parties and shall be established in the form of a Protocol. 5.1.1 Surplus employees and dismissed persons who have been appointed to a subordinate position in accordance with this Annex shall, where appropriate, have their wage and wage compensation protected in accordance with the provisions of the collective agreement on the protection of wages or, in the absence of such provisions, the corresponding provisions of the Agency`s directive with regard to remuneration in the event of relocation or conversion. The duration of the working day (shift) for creative collaborators of film organizations, television crews and video cameras, theaters, theater and concert organizations, circuses, media and professional sportsmen in accordance with the lists of these categories ratified by the Government of the Russian Federation can be established in accordance with federal laws and other standard local laws.

Collective agreements or labour agreements. Trade union inspectors have the right, in accordance with established procedures, to visit unhindered organizations that employ members of a given trade union or trade union that are part of an association, in order to verify compliance with the Labour Code and other legal acts that contain labour rules, as well as compliance with the provisions of the collective agreement. It is an agreement. It is not permissible to refuse, when concluding an employment contract, workers invited in writing from the previous job for one month from the date of their resignation from the previous job. Unresolved disagreements may be the subject of further collective bargaining or resolved in accordance with this Code and other federal legislation. C10.40 Both parties to this agreement must identify the person entitled to receive an insurance claim who, after receipt of an insurance claim: the employment contract or the agreements concluded in writing and annexed thereto may define the material liability of the parties to this contract. The employer`s contractual liability to the worker cannot be lower and the worker`s liability may be higher than provided for in this code or other federal laws. A strike is illegal if it has been announced without regard to the conditions, procedures and requirements of the labour dispute set out therein.

The collective dispute is examined in the context of labour arbitration, with the participation of agents of the parties to the dispute, for a maximum period of five working days from its creation. The right of employees to participate directly or through their representatives in the management of the organization is governed by this code, other federal laws, the founding documents of the organization, the collective agreement. In order to ensure the regulation of socio-industrial relations, to conduct collective bargaining and to prepare a draft collective agreement and agreements, to conclude them and to organize on an equal basis the monitoring of the implementation of the collective agreement and agreements at all levels, committees shall be set up by decision of the parties from among the duly authorized representatives of the parties. . . .

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