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Volunteer Employment Agreement Nz

Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, s 16 (definition of “voluntary”); Human Rights Act 1993, s 2 (“Employers”) MODEL: Volunteer Role Description – Basic Do you have descriptions of voluntary role? Role descriptions are as important for volunteers as they are for paid employees. This is an example of a basic role description for volunteers. If you are writing a job description for volunteers, you must list the actual requirements. Focus on the skills, experiences and competencies required for the position and describe them objectively. Remember that if you think you need to indicate a certain age, gender, etc., you should check if you have legitimate reasons for an “exception”. You can do this by phone: Human Rights Commission, InfoLine 0800 496 877 If you are thinking of a paid internship, you can use a temporary contract. A law protecting the employment of volunteers for Her Majesty`s forces A volunteer is not an employee and therefore does not fall under labour law. These forms and templates are examples that your organization may find useful for recruiting and managing volunteers. You can use or customize them at will! If the parties want a voluntary relationship, it is important that they make it clear that the worker does not expect payment and does not receive payment.

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